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The project is currently implementing a comprehensive mangrove restoration effort along river Gambia and Bintang Bolon, collaborating with local communities, government and organizations. Through the dedicated efforts of the involved communities, more than 200 hectares of mangrove was planted in 2022, involving the communities of Jiffarong, Bajana, Keneba, Kantig Kunda and Joreng. Hundreds of community members contributed to the planting and restoration activities, including the revival of hydrological connections. Overall, the project aims to revitalize degraded mangrove areas, preserve their ecological function, and foster sustainable conservation practices for the unique mangrove ecosystems of the Gambia.

Project Sites

The project area covers all of the mangrove regions in The Gambia, but implementation throughout the country will happen gradually in alignment with achieving community agreements. The first map below illustrates the 2022 planting in the Gambian regional areas and the second map provides a more detailed illustration, providing the names of the communities involved. In 2023, there has been a significant increase in the amount of sites with approximately 55 new community agreements. More detailed information will be posted once the 2023 planting campaign is finalized.

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