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Complaints - Grievance redress procedure 

If you have any grievances or complaints related to the project, don’t hesitate to report it through the online formula below.

Once a grievance report has been received through the formula below, project proponents receiving the report will within 7 working days coordinate with relevant project staff and contact and discuss with the community, community member(s) and/or other stakeholders involved in the report. The project proponents and relevant project staff shall on the basis of all collected information from relevant parties propose a solution and mediation within 14 working days. Therefore, it is always a good idea to leave your contact information for further dialogue and clarifications. Finally, the complications or grievances shall be dealt with within 30 days. The grievance report, the process of responding to the grievance report and its solution will be available through this webpage.

Should you have troubles with accessing, understanding or completing the formula below, please contact Kawsu Jammeh, project representative for the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management, who will then either assist you with drafting and sending the report, or coordinate with relevant project staff who will then assist with drafting and sending the report.

Please note that you can stay anonymous by simply not filling in your name and village name in the below formula. All anonymous forms will be treated with same procedure as described above. 

Grievance form and questions

Thanks for submitting!

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