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The following resources are conducted in collaboration or relevance with to the conservation and restoration of the Mangrove Ecosystem in The Gambia through the REDD+ mechanism.

The Effect of Mangroves on the Biodiversity of Zooplankton, Line Hedevang Nielsen

A Masters Thesis conducted and written by Line Hedevang Nielsen shows the positive effect of mangroves on the biodiversity of zooplankton in our Mangrove and Restoration Project in The Gambia. 

"The aim was to examine the effect of newly restored mangrove on zooplankton in the aquatic environment. The hypothesis was that biodiversity, biomass and the abundance of zooplankton would be higher in older mangrove than in restored mangrove." ..."This study confirms the hypothesis of mangrove planting as an important measure in improving biodiversity. Furthermore, mangrove planting will be beneficial for The Gambian ecosystems and the livelihood of local communities."

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